Janine Kember -City & Guilds IHBC MGHT
Mobile Therapist Enfield & surrounding areas

Bespoke Holistic Massage & Natural Facials

"Nurturing yourself is not selfish - its essential to your survival and well-being"
Renee Peterson Trudeau

About Serenity at home...
I help people just like you to de-stress, unwind, & rebalance through bespoke holistic massages and natural facials.

Hello, my names Janine Kember welcome to my website. I have been working in the Wellness & Beauty Industry for over 20 years, I have help 1000's of clients to destress, unwind & rebalance, and through this time I have continued my professional development (certificates on site).

I am fully committed to helping you to feel blissful by blending holistic treatments together in a creative and attuned way, which is entirely personalised to where your mind, body and soul is at in each appointment, so you always leave the session de-stressed, re-charged, and re-balanced, and you feel back to your best self again.

NOTE: I am a MOBILE Holistic Massage & Natural Facialist for WOMEN in Enfield, Winchmore Hill, Barnet & surrounding areas.

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"In life we need to nurture, but we also need to be nurtured. Trouble brews when we forget to nurture ourselves, and those we profess to love"
Christine Spring
Holstic Massage Menu & Prices
Please note that prior to your first massage appointment a pre treatment consultation ("Learn How to Release Your Stress, Unwind and Rebalance Phone Consultation") will be carried out prior to the treatment by phone to ensure safety & treat you most effectively.

Bespoke Holistic Massage
A deeply relaxing massage, which not only treats tension held within your body but also takes into account your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I have a therapeutic touch which is sensitive, nurturing and supportive to my clients, contributing to overall wellness. I use different techniques are perfectly blended together in one synergistic treatment, which is tailored to your unique needs and preferences. This will help to restore balance, unwind, reduce tension and promote wellbeing.
60 minutes £55
90 minutes £75

Hot Stone Massage
Let your senses be soothed and your tension melt away with a hot stone massage. This ancient time honoured treatment blends smooth heated basalt stones and specialist massage techniques perfectly together. I have a therapeutic touch which is sensitive, nurturing and supportive to my clients, contributing to overall wellness. This will help to restore sleep, unwind, reduce tension, boost circulation and promotes flexibility.
60 minutes £60
90 minutes £80

Hot Rock Himalayan Salt Stone & Gemstone Massage

A step up from a hot stone massage, the combination of smooth basalt stones, Himalayan salt stones and crystals (each with their own therapeutic qualities) amplifies the healing aspect of this treatment. A truly nurturing multi sensory experience aiming to leave you with a deep sense of peace and calm, not to mention increased circulation and improved freedom of movement. I have a therapeutic touch which is sensitive, nurturing and supportive to my clients, contributing to overall wellness.
60 minute  £60
90 minutes £80

Colon Massage
A non invasive massage of the abdomen and colon, and a gentle treatment that can reduce discomfort from bloating and gas and food sensitivities. It is reported to stimulate peristalsis (natural muscular movement) to push waste matter through the colon, decrease transit time and increase frequency of bowel movements. This treatment is perfect if you are struggling with your digestive system, bloated and sluggish. A course of 6 weekly treatments is recommended for best results.
60 minutes £55
Course of 6 weekly treatments £270

Thai Foot Massage
A unique therapy combining Chinese reflexology, shiatsu and Thai massage techniques. It is a treatment of the feet and lower legs, which include hands on stretching and special massage techniques to open Sen (energy lines) blended with the use of a specially carved wooden tool to stimulate reflexology points on the feet. This treatment is perfect if you are on your feet a lot, you love having your feet massaged, but would also like a whole body balance treatment.
60 minutes £55

Please be aware of the following cancellation charges before making a booking: Over 24 hours 0% Under 24 hours 100%. Minimum call out £55
Natural Facial Menu & Prices
My Facials are a holistic hands on & machine free experience with a focus on skin health through deep cleansing, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, specific products including masks, oils & serums, combined with specialist massage techniques to improve blood circulation, nourish your skin from within & lift & contour your musculature. Deep relaxation & a feeling of restored harmony & balance is a happy side effect! Your skin will be radiant & glowing with no need for down time after your facial!

All facial treatments begin with phone consultation to discuss your needs prior to your appointment & skin analysis in person prior to your facial treatment.

Bespoke Signature Facial
Once we have established your specific skin care goals for the treatment a custom blend of products from the SCR CETUEM range and hands on techniques are put together to meet your specific needs. This is a non invasive natural facial treatment. A blissful, soothing, holistic treatment that will leave you with healthy, vibrant skin.
Just some of the magic combinations may include deep cleansing, exfoliation, Gua Sha Massage, specific tailored massage, multiple masks oils & powerful serums, warmed and cooled crystal massage. Treatments are different each time depending on your needs.
60 minutes £55
90 minutes £70

Bespoke Mini Facial
Available as an add on treatment when you need a quick freshen up. Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation & a specific mask & tailored finishing products.
45 mins £35

Teenage Mini Facial
Available as an add on service designed to help manage hormonal skin break outs.
30 mins £25

Purifying Facial
Recommended for congested skin to thoroughly cleanse & exfoliate dead skin cells, rebalance sebum activity, aid lymphatic drainage to clear congestion & heal & soothe break outs with calming & anti microbial products.
60 mins £55
Natural Facelift Massage

Natural facelift massage is a unique combination of therapeutic touches including facial pressure points, rhythmic contouring sculpting strokes & plumping & smoothing techniques to deeply nourish your skin from within.
The harmonious blend of techniques include elements from facial reflexology, Indian & Japanese face massage. Together this blend of techniques revitalize your skin, temporarily soften fine lines, uplift and sculpt facial muscles all while providing a blissful deep relaxation to allow you to fully recharge.
60 minutes £50

Facial Rejuvenation with Chinese facial Cupping
A safe and effective natural therapy where specialised facial cups are used to massage the face and neck with contouring and lifting movements. The facial cups enhance absorption of active ingredients which increase blood circulation & lift the facial muscles while brightening the complexion. No downtime, bruising or side effects, just healthy brighter skin. Mask therapy & exfoliation are included.
60 minutes £60

Bespoke Natural Rejuvenation Facial
An indulgent deeply relaxing facial which is a custom made blend of lifting facial massage & facial cupping with warmed and cooled crystals such as Rose Quartz, Jade & Clear Quartz. These help to release tension around the jawline, soothe the skin, and lift & contour facial muscles. A soothing neck & shoulder massage with warmed Himalayan salt stones add to the experience so you not only see improved skin condition but also feel a release in neck & shoulder tension, leading to a sense of overall peace.
60 mins £50
90 minutes £75

NEW Facial with Gua Sha
Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese therapy whereby application of gentle scraping using a tool touch as jade or rose quartz stimulates blood circulation promoting skin rejuvenation naturally. Also useful also for treating headaches, TMJ, sinus congestion & dull skin. It works from the inside out & leaves you glowing. A variety of natural tools are gently used which create a pleasant sensory experience as well as enhancing relaxation. Treatment Includes exfoliation, lifting massage & a tailored sheet mask. Upper back neck & shoulder tension is addressed and included as part of the treatment.
60 minutes £50

Please be aware of the following cancellation charges before making a booking: Over 24 hours 0% Under 24 hours 100%

Minimum call out £50
Treatment Packages
Treatment Packages

Bespoke Back Neck & Shoulder Massage paired with a Mini Facial. Relax and unwind with this classic combination
60 mins £60

Together we can create your own perfect blended treatment to suit your mood, unique needs & preferences
60 mins £60/90 mins £75/120 mins £105

Natural Facelift Massage with Thai Foot Massage. Refresh & rebalance with this perfect pairing.
90 mins £75

Glow from head to toe! Facial Rejuvenation with Chinese Facial Cupping paired with Full Body Exfoliation & Aromatic Body Oil Application.
90 mins £75

Soul Soother
Dive deep into quiet serenity with a Holistic Body Massage combined with Natural Facelift Massage. Divine combination of peaceful slow yet powerful massage leaving you relaxed with a brighter lifted sculpted toned complexion.
90 mins £75

Soothe your senses & improve your skin health with a Hot Rock Himalayan Salt Stone & Gemstone Back Massage & Bespoke Signature Facial.
120 mins £105

Please be aware of the following cancellation charges before making a booking: Over 24 hours 0% Under 24 hours 100%

Minimum call out £50
Covid -19

Vaccine advice
It is advisable to leave at least 7 days between receiving a vaccination and having a treatment.

Prior to your appointment:
Have you had a fever in the last 24 hours of 100°F or above?
Have you had any respiratory or flu symptoms, sore throat, or shortness of breath within the last 5 days?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions you will need to reschedule your appointment. There will be no cancellation fee for late cancellations.

Treatment Etiquette
I continue to uphold the same hygiene standards & wear a mask

Post Treatment
if you develop symptoms in the 10 days after your treatment please inform me, and If I develop symptoms I will inform you.

Areas covered
I visit the following areas:

Palmers Green
Winchmore Hill
Hadley Wood
East Barnet
High Barnet
North Finchley
East Finchley

Gift Vouchers
If you would like to purchase a gift voucher and treat a loved one to the gift of blissful relaxation simply contact me & I'll be happy to assist.

Simply decide the amount and the recipient can choose their own treatment. Minimum call out starts at £50 but money can be put towards treatments.

Qualifications Backgound & TrainingQualifications Backgound & Training
A Brief Background
I have many years of experience having trained as a beauty therapist with City & Guilds way back in 1990, which included massage therapy. From there I worked in salons, spas (including The Sanctuary in Covent Garden) & health clubs both in the United Kingdom and Sydney Australia gaining invaluable industry experience & adding to my treatment repertoire.

In 2003 I began working as a freelance therapist treating my clients in their own homes and 5 Star hotels as well as working in the corporate sector providing on site massage to city workers, helping to reduce work place stress.

Over the years I have continued to refine my skills by attending regular workshops & training courses to enhance my skills in the areas I love which are massage & skin care. These are the two strands of my work which have been the most popular & hold the most interest & these are now the main areas I focus on.

Qualifications & Training 
1994 City & Guilds Beauty Therapy
1994 IHBC International Beauty Therapist Diploma
Advanced Qualifications

ITEC Diploma in Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapists Grade: Distinction

International Dermal Institute
2001 Cosmetic Technology
2002 Chinese Diagnosis: Face & Body Reading
2005 Effective skin analysis
2005 Sun Damage And Ageing skin
2006 Successful Acne Treatments
2008 Acne, Allergies And Ageing
2007 Hormones, Menopause and the Skin
Natural Facelift Massage Diploma

No Hands Massage
2005 Foundation Course
2005 Practitioner Course
2006 Transforming Touch
2008 Practitioner Course Additional Training
2018 Neuroscience of Touch Seminar
Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine 
2009 Magical Muscles Workshop
2009 Advanced Massage Masterclass Sciatic Pain & Piriformis Syndrome
2010 Advanced Massage Trigger Points
2012 Oncology Massage Diploma Grade Credit
2013 Advanced Massage for Headaches Migraines and Sinusitis
2017 Advanced Massage Thai Foot Massage
2019 Advanced Massage Gua Sha Facial Massage
Inspire Workshops
2012 Colon & Deep Organ Massage
2013 Practitioners Certificate in Myofascial Release
Bodyology Massage School
2009 Hot Stone Massage Therapy
2009 Better Joints Course
2014 Better Back Massage Course
Gateway Workshops
2019 Pregnancy Massage Diploma
Zen Tranquillity Holistic Beauty Training Studio
2018 Himalayan Hot Rock, Salt Stone & Gem Stone Massage Diploma
International Cupping Therapy Association
2013 Contemporary Cupping Methods

Centre of Excellence
2020 Relaxation Therapy Diploma

I am fully insured with the Guild of Holistic Therapists

Business Promise
Business Promise

I am fully committed to helping you to feel better by blending your treatment together in a creative and attuned way which is entirely personalised to where you are at each treatment, so you always leave the massage re charged re balanced and back to your best self again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat men as well as women?
I treat women only.
What kind of massage therapy do you specialise in?
I specialise in restorative relaxation therapy, nurturing treatments that help to restore and rebalance you and I also offer deeper massage to address muscular tightness and tension but the theme of my work is providing the right framework in which to assist with unwinding from the stresses and strains of modern life through slow gentle comforting massage therapy.
Are your facials invasive and will I require downtime?

My facials are non invasive and gentle, again with a focus on deep relaxation as well as skin health through hands on techniques combined with a range of highly effective products and a mix of massage and techniques to help you achieve your skin care goals
Do you sell anything that can enhance my relaxation experience?
Yes I have a new online shop on this website where you can purchase beautiful products to enhance your own self care during these challenging times.
Do you offer flexible appointments such as evenings and weekends?
Yes I offer a range of appointments both daytime, evenings and some weekends.
How many therapists work at Serenity at Home?
I am a one lady band! So its just myself!
What measures do you have in place to ensure I am safe regarding Covid 19?
I take your health and safety extremely seriously I adhere to the current guidelines to keep both you and myself safe. This incudes a strict cleaning regime both before and after your treatment, NHS hand hygiene, and I do still wear a mask.