self care ideas

self care ideasself care ideasself care ideas

Now more than ever its in our best interests to regularly find ways to nourish ourselves to help us navigate this incredibly stressful time that we are living through.

Ways that actually nourish us rather than deplete us.

Honour yourself & before overwhelm strikes perhaps some of the self care rituals below will help you to re calibrate and find balance.

Run a hot bath add a bath potion, light a candle and let the water revive your soul and reduce any stress.

Get a warm cosy blanket, a hot drink and your favourite book & enjoy the story or inspirational content.

Pick up a crystal if you have one, sit down and meditate with it breathing calmly slowly and deeply.

Write down the special moments however small that brought you happiness & joy this week.

Slowly potter in your kitchen creating a meal that will nourish you and lift your spirits

Brain dump any left over situations/worries/emotions that are on you mind by writing in a journal to allow the worries to clear.

light a candle, create a sacred space and listen to your favourite podcast.

Listen to your body. If your day is over run with demands, know that you can steady your nerves in an instant by stepping away and breathing slowly and deeply.

Put REST on your to do list.

Do nothing, sit in stillness for a while & then follow your next instinct.

Listen to your favourite music, & move your body.

You are a beautiful precious being. May you find many moments of peace calm & bliss x