Mission Statement

Mission StatementMission Statement
Mission Statement
I absolutely adore my job! Especially the stress relieving and nurturing elements of my work which are so needed in todays manic upside down world. Just hearing my clients snoring away happily on my treatment table, falling into a peaceful  space of soul satisfying stillness & coming back into inner peace & harmony time & time again gives me immense peace too & a sense of deep fulfilment.  I believe deep healing occurs while in this deep state of rest when your nervous system is in the rest & digest mode. Soothing your parasympathetic nervous system through mindful & slow touch has many powerful & beneficial effects on balancing mind body & soul & is the element of my job that makes my soul sing.

Way before it was a buzz word & in fashion I had a passion for health & wellness and I bring as much nourishment to my treatments that I possibly can. From organic oils, body butters infused with herbs, peaceful crystals to raise your vibration to clean & natural products, salt stones & basalt stones from mother earth to ground & help you attain balance & assist you on your journey to great health.

It is the greatest of privileges & joys to do this work with my wonderful long standing clients & wonderful new clients too!
I am in deep gratitude for the continued learning & growth, the most amazing clients & connections & fascinating treatment modalities to be able to offer.

Janine x