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Massage Therapy

Please note that on your first massage appointment a pre treatment consultation will be carried out prior to treatment by phone to ensure safety & treat you most effectively. Should you have any medical issues please disclose this prior to your appointment as in some cases written medical consent may be required.

Holistic Massage
A deeply relaxing massage which not only treats tension held within your body but also takes into account your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A therapeutic touch which is sensitive, nurturing and supportive to a person as a whole, contributing to overall wellness.
60 minutes £50
90 minutes £72

Bespoke Fusion Massage
A massage that's as unique as you are! Different techniques are perfectly blended together in one synergistic treatment tailored to your unique needs and preferences. This will help to restore balance, reduce muscular tension and promote wellbeing. Perfect for busy people with demanding lifestyles.
60 minutes £55
90 minutes £72

Hot Stone Massage
Let your senses be soothed and your tension melt away with a hot stone massage. This ancient time honoured treatment blends smooth heated basalt stones and specialist massage techniques perfectly together. Studies show that regular hot stone massage may be beneficial for stress reduction, reducing muscular tension, improved sleep and increased joint flexibility.
60 minutes £55
90 minutes £78

Hot Rock Himalayan Salt Stone & Gemstone Massage

A step up from a hot stone massage, the combination of smooth basalt stones, Himalayan salt stones and crystals (each with their own therapeutic qualities!) truly amplifies the healing aspect of this massage. A truly nurturing multi sensory experience aiming to leave you with a deep sense of peace and calm, not to mention increased circulation and improved freedom of movement.
60 minute back neck & shoulders £60
90 minutes full body £80

Colon Massage
A non invasive massage of the abdomen and colon, and a gentle treatment that can reduce discomfort from bloating and gas and food sensitivities. It is reported to stimulate peristalsis (natural muscular movement) to push waste matter through the colon, decrease transit time and increase frequency of bowel movements. A course of weekly treatments are recommended for best results.
60 minutes £50
Course of 6 weekly treatments £270

Thai Foot Massage
A unique therapy combining Chinese reflexology, shiatsu and & Thai massage techniques. It is a treatment of the feet and lower legs which include hands on stretching and massage to open Sen (energy lines) together with the use of a specially carved wooden tool to stimulate reflexology points on the feet. These correspond to the internal organs of the body in order to promote balance throughout the whole body & provide much needed TLC for your feet.
60 minutes £50

Please be aware of the following cancellation charges before making a booking: Over 24 hours 0% Under 24 hours 100%

Minimum call out £50