Covid -19

Welcome back to treatments!

It's my great pleasure to reopen and begin to treat my existing client base once again as of August 1st.

For the time being I will not be taking new clients however I aim to when I feel the time is right.

I will be working in line with government advice to ensure both my clients and myself are kept safe.

This will mean shorter treatment times than usual, working in well ventilated rooms, I will be wearing PPE and checking your temperature prior to treatments.

If you feel unwell prior to your appointment with the following symptoms please re schedule your booking;

A high temperature
A new continuous cough
Loss or change of smell or taste

There will be no late cancellation charge in this circumstance.

If I feel unwell I will inform you and rearrange your appointment.

Measures I have put in place in addition to keep you safe include;

Increasing the frequency of cleaning my equipment including making sure that all surfaces, are wiped clean using disinfectant products between each client.

Wherever possible I will utilise environmentally friendly, single use items during a treatment that will be disposed of safely after use in order to protect you from cross infection.

I can confirm that the laundering of towels and uniforms is a priority I can assure you that all laundry is washed at 60 degrees C

All disposable items are bagged separately and I will ask you to dispose of these in your home.

During your treatment
I understand the importance of hand hygiene and will ensure that I wash my hands (as always) and ask you to wash yours too in according with NHS recommendations before the start of your treatment.

After your treatment
In order to avoid handling of cash, I would prefer if you could pay for your treatment using bank transfers.
All of these procedures have been implemented for your safety and mine. I will continue to take advice from the Government and the NHS regarding safe practice and will amend them as necessary.

Face coverings/masks
Currently Govt advice states It is not necessary for you to wear a mask, however if you prefer to please let me know prior to treatment and I will provide a disposable mask at no additional cost.

I very much look forward to treating you!

Warmest wishes

Janine x